• Welcome to Formosa!

    Welcome to Formosa!

    We are an international trade and investment company, based in the Netherlands and active in South East Asia and China. Specialized in floriculture we try our best to deliver the highest quality products and solutions to our customers.

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  • Export


    We are specialised in exporting floricultural goods. Our company is a one stop shop for Lily, Tulip, Gladiola, Hyacinth and Calla bulbs. Most varieties are available through our company and can be delivered world wide.

  • Investment


    Together with local businesses we try to invest in solutions that improve the quality of the final product. Be believe that this is the only way we can form a basis providing a profitable sector and successful business platform, beneficial to everyone.

  • International


    Our presence abroad gives us the chance to consult between the east and west, creating new business and staying up to date with latest developments. By understanding cultural differences and staying close by our customers we can optimise services and enha


We offer a wide selection of flower bulbs and exportable floricultural products. Have a closer look at our Lily, Tulip and Gladiola varieties.

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